Man's best friend.

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Man's best friend is an ironical essay about how the dog isn't really man's best friend, from how savage they can be to the allergies they cause.

Well the theory I'm trying to disapprove is that dogs are mans best friend. It has been known that dogs are so friendly to man. In most eyes, dogs are seen as precious animals. Animals that keep company and sometimes even part of the family. That dogs are obedient and loyalty to their owners. And those dogs are playful and cute. Most dog owners will do anything for the dogs they love. Yet there has been occasions were dog is man's worst enemy.

Sometimes the tables turn. Sometimes when dog owner come home they see couches torn up, trash flipped over, and shit everywhere. This is typical in almost all occasions when you trust your puppy too much.

Then the owner may send his dog to a training facility. This sometimes works but occasionally the obedience wears out. This may drive the owner crazy. When the owner cant take it anymore they may send him to the dog pound. Were he would soon be put to sleep.

Sometimes dogs are not familiar with the owner and will defend himself by barking and biting at the owner. This is hazardous because the dog may have not had gotten his shot and may have rabies or some kind of disease. Then they give it to the owner and its families that may become fatal to the people. This seems to be the occasion with stray dogs. Stray dogs that were neglected by their owners that couldn't stand it anymore. Stray dogs may be ferocious and attack pedestrians. There has been occasions were these dogs have killed people! One occurrence was when a kid was torn up by two rottweilers that got out of their cages. Neglected dogs seem to hate people. In the other hand, some dogs are raised to kill people. Evil owners are trying to protect their property by raising killing dogs. But on some occasions these plans backfire. One incident in Kansas, an owner was bitten to death by his bulldog.

Sometimes dogs can bring too much responsibility that is uncalled for. For example, girl dogs that are let out for a little while come back pregnant. Then they have sixteen puppies that no one wants. Then the owner has to take care of them until he find somewhere to take them to. While the owner is taking care of them the puppies are also shitting everywhere. They get lost and later found in your shoes, bed, trash, washer machines, or in the microwave. The owner has to waist money on the puppy's food and newspaper he has to replace every time the puppies have an accident. Also responsibility that may come up is cleaning the shit off the neighbors yard. Or when the dog barks late at night and wakes up the neighbors in the middle of the night. Also the owner will have to pay for things that their dogs break like, windows and fences. Or settle complaints that dogs are making holes in the ground, flowerbeds ruined, or bothering the neighboring pets. The owner will have a bad reputation and therefore have enemies in the neighborhood. Which is bad when it there is a need for sugar.

Sometimes people are allergic to these animals. Their fur can cause sneezing and other inconveniences. Other people are afraid of these animals. They are afraid of their teeth and intimidated by their barks. Movies like Max, the killer dog may stir up these feelings.

So in conclusion dogs are not man's best friend. They are sometimes the terror in some eyes. The ignorance or hatred in others. Dogs can be such a pain in the neck. Therefore the theory, Man's best friend is the dog, is disapproved by these opinions. I also know this very well because I hate and am afraid of my neighbor's dog. He is not and will not be my best friend.