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Margaret Sanger's writing , speeches and programs reflected Progressive era attitude and actions. Progressives wanted to improve public health and welfare of all its citizens. Margaret Sanger was an advocate of birth control to limit family size pain of frequent child birth, miscarriage and bungled abortion. She published advice columns on sexual education. She published a radical monthly newspaper that advocated woman's right to birth control.

The government had Margaret Sanger indicted for distributing obscenity through the mails, Sanger fled to England to avoid prosecution. Returning to the U.S, Sanger opened the country's first birth-control clinic. She was arrested and jail but when a court ruled only physicians could distribute contraceptive information she set up a doctor run clinic in 1923. The birth control center was staffed with female doctors and social workers and became a model for other birth control centers.

Margaret Sanger was a pioneer of health reform and woman's rights in a mans world.

Through he determination she improved the health and welfare of woman.