Marie Antoinette, A Great Leader.

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Marie Antoinette, A Great Leader

By : Sarah Joan

Every leader throughout history has effected the world in some way. Regardless if it was positive or negative, short-term or long-term, they did have an impact. The greatest leaders are remembered throughout history and the rest of time. The worst leaders are the ones who are completely forgotten, or worse, remembered for all time as the leader who messed up. There are different opinions as to what really makes a great leader, but something that they all have in common is their ability to do what they think needs to be done no matter what. Great leaders listen to advice, but they stick to difficult decisions regardless of the opinions and threats of others. This is what Marie Antoinette did. She remained dignified throughout her entire reign. She decreased costs of the palace when France was in financial crisis. She adopted orphaned children and paid for poorer children's education.

She reached out to everyone she could. Even when she was all alone she still tried to do what she thought was right, despite the French revolution and the death upon her.

Marie Antoinette was born the daughter of the great leader Maria Teresa in Austria. It was her mother who taught her about leadership. She learned how to be dignified, courageous, and how to stand up for what she believed in. Every one of these qualities will be found in any great leader, Marie had them all. Towards the end of her reign, and life, there was a revolution in France. To stop the opposition, she called for the aid of other countries. No one but her siblings, the king of Austria, and Queen of Naples, would assist her. She tried to flee Paris but failed. Even after it seemed...