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Marie Curie is recognized as a hero to some because she shows determination and that if you keep at your goal you will get what you want. She is not only remarkable as an inventor and a scientist, she also had good character. She never let hardships in her life bring her down and interfere with her goal to be most useful to help other people. She lived a selfless life, uncorrupted by fame.

First of all, Marie is admirably known for her accomplishments in science. It took a remarkable woman like her to become the first woman to secure a degree in physics at the Sorbone and at the top of her class. She was the first women to win two Nobel Prizes: the first in 1903 for helping discover radioactivity and the second in 1911 for finding the elements polonium and radium. She not only had to the struggles of earning these great accomplishments but had to fight the prejudice that followed professional women, having to prove her worth to be maybe even better than that of a man.

Secondly, she should be admired for her positive outlook on life even through all discouraging events in her life. Even though she was desperately poor and her mother and sister died when she was still a child, she worked for enough money to go to Paris. She still lived a poor life, but said it was a happy time. After she married and her husband died she had to struggle with balancing a career while raising her daughters alone. She bravely believed that if you pursue your dream, things that seem like sacrifices do not matter.

Lastly, Marie Curie should be admired for her selflessness. Even though she was never wealthy, she donated money to science and even did...