Irene Joliot-Curie: Radiologist

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Irene Joliot-Curie: Radiologist

Irene Curie was born in Paris on September 12, 1897 a month premature. Her mother, world redound scientist, Marie Curie, had began labor after a long bike ride with her husband, Pierre. Marie had much difficulty giving birth to her, and called her "my wild one".

Accomplishments of parents overshadowed Irene's accomplishments in life. Marie accomplished one of the most important discoveries in atomic physic, however Irene's accomplishments were great, but were often overlooked in comparison to her mother's work.

From an early age Irene showed great skills in mathematics and is was apparent she was extremely bright. Her mother thought schooling was very important for her children, and since she did not think the nearby schools suitable for Irene, she began to have Irene go to school along with nine other children in their own school, much like modern day home schooling or alternative schooling.

The teachers there included Marie Curie,

Irene went to high school at the College of Sevigne, and independent school in the center of Paris. She then went on to continue her education at Sorbonne in 1914 to prepare for her baccalaureate in physics and mathamatics, however, he education was abruptly interruptedby the first World War. She left Sorbonne in 1916 to help her mother on the battlefield with the x-ray machenes that saved many of the soldiers lives.Irene extended her work there to the military hospitals of Belgium and France. She recived a military medal for her work after the war was over.

Irene worked hard her whole life, her childhood was dedicated to her studies, and her adult life to her work, so to relax, she ski, hike, and play tennis. Irene dressed simply, which was high contrast to her younger sister who was always decreeing...