The marijuana affects badly our society

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The marijuana affects badly our society

Drugs increase the rate of violence and responsible of many worst things happening in our community. The marijuana is one of them that affects badly our society. If you watch news on CNN or many popular channel we will see how marijuana affects the people healthy. Our society become unsecure because of percentage rape and crimes commit influence by Marijuana. Also our education is affect by the way student can get access of it when they want. I think as a student and a member of a community I able to explain you in some paragraph below the way Marijuana affects most community.

At first, marijuana makes you feel bad, specifically sick when you take it. We'll see our behavior changes by the way you begin to think. Probably, things common people see bad to do become normal. It affects our brains, in meantime our vision, some psychologist lead to believe many patient become bad to worse when they addicted to marijuana.

Secondly, Marijuana is responsible of many crimes that affects our community. According to police survey, some guys interrogated by police officer have drugs record. They also found mostly while they commit crime, they have drugs in their blood. Also girls have been raped when they take marijuana at the university party, such as Halloween party or some party else, they become vulnerable in many time, and unable to take the right decision.

Finally, our education and economics are affects, because young people who takes marijuana early doesn't want to go to school or have a degree. In major case student drop of class in fail when they became addicted. In addition to all of this our economy is also affects , because drugs is illegal, people want to get rich just...