Mark Twain.

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By John Gray

Mr. Baker 1st period

January 3, 2003

The Life of Mark Twain


Samuel Langhorne Clemens also known as "Mark Twain" was born in Florida, Missouri, on November 30 1835. He is one of the greatest writers ever. A proud American he once said "I am not an American, i'm the American". He was in his later life one of Americas best-loved citizens.

Samuel Clemens came from a good background; his father was lawyer and a merchant. Samuel Clemens father also known as judge Clemens moved his family from James town Tennessee to Florida Missouri were five months later young Samuel Clemens was born. Florida was a small town but Sam's father believed that it would some day turn into a metropolis so he set up a small business their. However, his belief was a failure, packing up and moving his family to Hannibal, which was right along the Mississippi river.

Many of Samuel Clemens's stories a reflected from his life such as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin witch came primarily from his life and experiences in Hannibal. Sadly, Samuel Clemens father died in Hannibal. To make money Samuel Clemens started as an apprentice for printer were he received clothing and board.

Samuel Clemens remained an apprentice until his brother started a printing shop were him and his two brothers worked. From time to time, he would write articles in his brothers newspaper. Growing tired of restriction and limitations put on him by his brother Samuel Clemens decided to go to St. Louis but moved past toward New York and the World Fair. In New York, he found work in his trade. From there, he traveled here and there in the North, finding work here and there as well. Until he moved to Keokuk to reunite and...