Market Audit Research Plan: Dell Inc.

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1. Executive Summary

The objective of this report is to communicate the results of a comprehensive marketing audit of Dell Incorporated. The audit was conducted by utilizing data provided directly by employees of Dell, accessed via their corporate website, as well as multiple external and independent research documents. The audit represents a cross-functional review of Dell marketing operations in several areas, however, due to the size and complexity of Dell, this paper will only address the domestic consumer and business markets. Our goal is to develop and present a situational analysis of Dell's marketing processes through the analysis of internal and external market factors taking into consideration environmental variables.

The SWOT analysis showed a strong and well developed company with strengths tending to outweigh weaknesses. Strengths include Dell's strong branding, very high customer satisfaction, well developed production and logistical systems and low inventories. Weaknesses include a heavy reliance on vendors for technological advancement, a lack of business service offerings and late entry into the peripheral market.

Another of Dell's strengths is its customer base. Part of Dell's strategy is to maintain customer satisfaction allowing for up-sells and return purchases, but in recent times, Dell has seen slippage in his area and has fallen to a #2 rating behind HP.

Dell has developed their consumer and business markets and continues to see sales growth in these markets. Within these markets they have been able to develop segments and market effectively to them. Currently, their business market is seeing robust growth and weathers economic downturns well. They are also making steady progress into the educational market. Dell's primary competitor in the PC and peripheral market is HP with HP #1 in the peripheral market and #2 in the PC market. Other rising competitors are Sony, Microsoft and E-Machines. Dell still has...