Market Risk, How do Mutual Fund Help An Investor to Manage that Risk

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PROJECT REPORTON揗arket Risk, How do Mutual Fund Help An Investor to Manage that Risk擨NDEXSr. No.ParticularsPg. No.

1.Executive Summary.32.Market Risk.43.Common Market Risk.64.How can one Manage Risk.105.How Does Mutual Fund Help In Managing The Risk.116.Concept of Mutual Fund.137.Managing the risk by diversification in terms of Asset Allocation.148.Asset Allocation Strategies.209.Conclusion.25Executive SummaryEach and every stock market in the world goes through the risk associated with the investments. This project is about mutual funds, how they are managed, the risk and returns associated with the portfolio, how the assets are allocated and how an investor should take decision in regards to the assets in his portfolio to minimize risk and increase the returns.

For any portfolio performance, asset allocation is most important factor which is a systematic division and risk management of investment among various asset classes such as fixed income or equities. Asset allocation helps in determining the return on the asset, and of which major part depends on the variation of the securities owned in the portfolio.

For maximum return and minimum risk from any portfolio one needs to use a proper asset allocation, and not to rely fully on the financial papers, magazines.

The main purpose for asset allocation is to bring out maximum profit for an investor. An asset allocation is considered through different strategies. For every investor it is very important to understand the market, different stocks in which he is going to invest and the risks and returns associated with these stocks. Each and every investment carries returns and also certain risks. It is on the investor how he uses different strategies of asset allocation in his portfolio. This project is all about how to manage the risk associated with the portfolio with the mutual fund.

Market Risk: What...