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Mission Statement

Our goal at It's Popcorn Time is to provide products that exceed customer's expectations and that are unique to our business. To establish a truly team-oriented environment of committed enthusiastic employees from management to the frontline employee all working toward the goal of growing our customer base. We should be a model provider of exceptional customer service to both our internal and external customers.


Here at It's Popcorn Time our goal is to provide customer satisfaction and specialty gourmet snacks and sweets that can't be found anywhere else! Our specialties are flavored popcorn, snack sized pretzels coated with sweet and savory flavors, and delectable cookies. Our products come in many flavors such as chocolate, butter, cheese, and caramel. We are currently adding new items to our menu that will be available in our many local stores. We want our customers to know that we will continue to provide customer service long after their purchase.

We are committed to obtaining their trust and loyalty.

In our Marketing Plan we will discuss important tasks such as situation analysis, key marketing objectives, strategic initiatives, tactical plans, and a summary on obstacles we will face and how we will measure our results. We believe that following this plan will prove to be successful and profitable.

Tactical Plans

There are several Promotional Tactics for IPT to consider. First and foremost will be utilize search engine registration by starting with the major search engines and then carefully selecting others targeted towards our products. We will also be involved in affiliate programs starting with the gift basket company and the catering companies we currently partner with. Apply for awards is a tactic that we have not discussed but it can be beneficial. This can be time consuming, but applying for quality awards can definitely...