Marketing segmentaion for the hummer suv

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The Hummer

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Market segmentation

AIM General and Segmentation Issues

Decision and Opinion

This case present the current situation of the Hummer jeep originally designed for the military and the new civilian vehicle H2 Hummer. Trying to find some marketing strategies to help the new hummer H2 to raise its sales and face the competition in the market from so many different SUV's companies. Some recommendations are given by the end of the study.

Hummer is a jeep-type vehicle, designed with specific characteristics to meet the needs of the US military. The specification of the hummer H1 does not exist in any of the commercial SUV's. the hummer is produced by the AM General which it's predecessor companies have been leaders in the design and manufacture of light and medium duty trucks, since the company entered the civilian market AM hand all the marketing and distribution responsibilities to the GM.

The company has been bought and sold and renamed numerous times over the history.

The hummer history return to 1979 when AM general entered in a competition to design a high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle meets the standards of the us army. The hummer has a unique design features, independent suspension for all four wheels, designed by a way with a well distributed weight to keep the center of gravity low to prevent the truck from tipping over, be able to climb 60 degree grade without bogging down as well as traverse a 40 degree side slope with stability while carrying 2-ton payload. The production of the hummer began in 1983 and since then the AM general has sold 110,000 hummer. So the development of the hummer was a collaboration between one type of customer the military and the AM General. The AM General entered the...