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in order to suggest an effective and prosperous venue within this complex, the prospect of the Mailbox will be examined using the SWOT analysis - the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Strengths Ø Birmingham’s largest mixed use building with 25acres, therefore on full operation many people are expected to come. ( Ø New and improved pedestrian routes under construction to connect the Mailbox to the City Centre ( Ø Within 300metres of Birmingham New Street Station ( Ø Secure on-site parking - 900 space car park ( Ø 24 hour security staff and CCTV available ( Ø Excellent staff facilities on-site ( Ø Accommodate any occupier’s specific fit-out requirements ( Weaknesses Ø Only well known shopping and catering venues e.g. Iceberg; Emporio Armani; Shogun etc. thus, as a whole complex little unique sales point is seen.

Ø As the surrounding area is still not regenerated, it can be confusing for drivers to reach the actual entrance (through personal observation) Ø Despite of the large car parking space, the signage does not seem effective, thus it is not clear (through personal observation) Ø The surrounding area of the Mailbox is offices rather than public places, such as shops and restaurants.

Therefore, the Mailbox needs strong attraction to pull people to come.

Opportunities Ø The Mailbox is one of the main projects are from the Birmingham Alliance along with the other complexes, the new Bull Ring and Martineau Place and Galleries, Arena central, Broadway Plaza, Five Ways Leisure Complex. This can be interpreted that the environment around the site will be improved with the support of the City Council. It will also be introduced as a main attraction in Birmingham. (Conference & Exhibition Fact Finder 2000) Ø The new public square is under construction plan at the entrance to The Mailbox, about...