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Honors English 10

It Must Be True Love, True Love

Love is the passionate affection that someone may have for another. One way love is expressed is through the proposal of matrimony. In the stories Pride & Prejudice, written by Jane Austen, a man name William Collins is proposing to a women named Elizabeth Bennet and in the story, Our Mutual Friend written by Charles Dickens, a named Bradley Headstone is proposing to a women named Lizzie Hexam. Mr. Headstone's marriage proposal was more effective as he appeals to his mistress's emotions by expressing his true love towards her while on the other hand Mr. Collins describes to the women his artificial desires to marry her.

In Jane Austen's story, Mr. William Collins presents his proposal of matrimony as if it was arranged or even some sort of business agreement. Collins starts off by giving reasons on why she should marry him, one being it will "add very greatly to [his] happiness."

Saying that it will add to his own happiness is extremely passionless and not meaningful that it seems as if he does not truly want to marry the woman for love but is using her for his own benefits. Collins then goes on to tell his mistress that he is marrying her because of the "particular advice and recommendation of a very noble lady." This shows that Collins is not acting on his own will but is acting as a puppet, offering marriage to benefit a "patroness" by the name of Lady Catherine de Bourgh. At the end of his proposal, Collins slightly compliments the women as he says she has "wit and vivacity" but then says that he thinks it might "be acceptable to [Miss de Bourgh]." After hearing this, the...