Martin Luther King

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Martin Luther King Jr.


Since the existence of the human race, laws of segregation and slavery has been rampant. For this purpose, many men have tried to step up and devote their lives, trying to stop this unjust approach, out of which only few them were able to succeed. Amongst these men remembered for their bravery, comes the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who has a class of his own. He was one of the greatest leaders of American civil rights during 1960s and is still known for that today (Burns, 120-121).


Like many other revolutionary and prominent leaders throughout the world's history, Martin Luther King Jr.

was no different. He devoted his entire life to serve humanity and stand for what was right. He was of the vision that the African American people deserve to come forward and pounce on the available opportunities along with the White people. He was one of the preachers of peace and equality. It was because of his philosophy that he was considered as a father figure, as a role model for African Americans. King succeeded at getting rid of discrimination. He also set forth to stop the unfair segregation laws of the south (Burns, 120-121).

Even though slavery had been abolished for years, there was hatred towards those of different ethnicities. The mid-1900s was a time when America was torn apart by racism. However, the racism that plagued this nation was entirely different in the South in comparison to the North. This difference...