Martin Luther King's speech "I have a Dream".

Essay by smartying April 2003

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Martin Luther King's speech has created many impacts at the time of 1963 and the 21st century. The speech "I have a dream" expresses King's hopes of civil rights movement, as the black people were treated with inequality and injustice. It is his forceful language that has laid a foundation to the black people and, people with ethnic backgrounds of that time and today. . As the world becomes much more of a 'global village' with the ability to learn about and from all occupants of the Earth, the speech must be redirected toward modern Americans, but also to the entire world. The messages delivered in the speech acts on both social and physical status of the black people in that period, while of today's society, there are still racial discrimination toward the black, Jewish and Asian people. Nevertheless, King's effective speech has woke the dreams of many people of today and his dreams have made a difference with the multiculturalism and righteousness for all people of all races, colors and beliefs.

King uses techniques including repetition, imagery devices and descriptive languages to portray his dream to his audience. The use of contrast between light and darkness is conveyed in the first paragraph when he explains the Emancipation Proclamation. The light here resembles hope and freedom, while the darkness symbolizes hell and imprisonment. "great beacon of light...long night captivity". King has also employed many repetitions throughout the speech to reinforce his statement. Examples include "one hundred years later", where he is emphasizing the position of Negroes; "we must..." highlights the determination to unify "many of our white brothers" to the Negroes. This shows a sense of parallelism and thus, an indication to equality. Perhaps the most direct and effective repetition occurs near the end of the speech when...