Masked Avenger.

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Great accomplishments involve great risks-risks that John Holloway was prepared

to take each and every day. Although he began this long and lengthy process at a young

age, it wasn't until much later in life that he began to reap its many rewards. It was a wise

career choice that stemmed this prosperous period and allowed him to change his life for

the better. As an undercover agent for the police force, he has had to continuously follow

the many twists and turns his career path has made. Throughout this period of self-

discovery, he has undoubtedly realized that the risky career choices he made yesterday,

had an impact on life today. I chose this article as it is truly inspiring and helped me

appreciate the importance of the career planning process. It also made me realize that

your career is not set in stone and it is possible to go through more than one potential

career in a lifetime.

Similar to the career planning process, John Holloway's life has been all about

making decisions. Whether they had a positive or negative impact on his life, these

choices helped shape the person he is today. This remarkable man has helped all of us to

understand that we are all free to choose our career paths, however different they may be

from other people's ideals.

It is most certainly a mistake to presume an undercover agent's job is easy and

risk-free. It involves great adaptability, a thrill for adventure and a motive. John

Holloway's career began when his changing work environment forced him to "do a

patch" (to cooperate with the police), in order to avoid a trafficking charge. This spawned

a lengthy, dangerous career lasting over a decade, which consisted of several infamous

undercover operations. Perhaps, it provided an...