The Massachussetes Bay Colony and Jamestown.

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In the early seventeenth century two separate groups founded two very different colonies. The first to be colonized was the settlement of Jamestown, located in present day Virginia. Just over a decade later the colony of Puritans founded on what is now known as Cape Cod, Massachusettes. Though both the Jamestown and the Massachusettes Bay colony were established in a similar historical timeframe, they developed different social views regarding the future economic and political status.

Massachusettes Bay and Jamestown were settled by Europeans and both struggled to surrvive at first. They both also encountered natives living there before their arrival. In Jamestown there was disease and continuing attacks which took a tremendous toll on the population. Malaria was one of the biggest diseases that killed people. Only sixteen out of the original two hundred and fourteen settlers survived. The Colony of Massachusettes Bay had a huge growth in their colony.

This growth lasted for about ten years, and during this time more than twenty thousand home seakers had sailed into the harbors of Massachusettes Bay.

The Virginia Company allowed individual settlers to own their own land in 1617. the House of Burgesses also had the authhority to make laws and levy taxes. The House of Burgesses which was formed in 1619, was America's first represenative government. The Massachusettes Bay Colony was origianally ran by a general Court that allowed membership only to landholding Puritan men. As the number of settlers increased and the General Court became too large, the settlers established a represenatative government, electing two representatives from each district to the General Court.

Jamestown settlers were originally Roman Catholics, but were also settled by Protestants. The settlers of Jamestown were not very interested in religion. They were more interested in survival amd moving forward in life. The...