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Mayas Influences Throughout Mayas life, she had had almost too many examples of influence. One of the most important influences from a person would have to be her brother, Bailey. His influence in Mayas life was very strong up until their teens. He was her best friend, and guided her to do many important things. He had to abitlity to pacify her if she felt outraged. One example of his love and influence on her is when he took her to the movies.

He showed her that he cared about her love for their mother, and also that he was the best brother she could ever ask for. That is a very important example of his influence in her life.

During the time she lived with Momma Henderson, she went through almost to many examples of influence to tell. One time, when Maya was young, a group of powhitetrash girls tried to overpower Momma because of their race.

Momma actually stood up to the girls, and out witted them. Maya had seen the whole thing, and although she cried at the end, she was influenced to stand up for what she believes in. The fact of the matter is that Momma was a great person, and was a great roll model to Maya.

The next person that was an influence was Mayas dad. He is the one that had sent her to stamps to live with Momma Henderson. Just doing that proved he was smart enough to know that he was in over his head. Later in Mayas life he would visit her in his big car. He always dressed nice, and had enough money to have different clothes for every day. Just by that he influenced Maya to succeed in life, and reach goals. She would go for a ride in his car to Mexico, and listen to everything he had to say. She will never forget about that day in the car.

One of Mayas worst influences would have to be Mr. Freeman. He was her moms boyfriend, and was considered a really nice guy. He raped Maya, and lost all respect from Vivion and any other person whom heard about it. As a result of the rape, she was influenced in a negative way. She was now afraid of people, and didn't talk to anyone for quite some time. At that point she was scared for life, and never fully recouperated from it.

Maya loved to go over to her friend, Mrs. Flowers, house. She was a very good friend of Momma Henderson, and her uncle. Not only did Maya think she was kind, generous, and light-hearted, but she considered her to be the prettiest woman in Stamps.

Through Mayas eyes, Mrs. Flowers had a whole library of books. As a result, this influenced Maya, and created a type of element in which it brought much intelligence into her life. Mrs. Flowers will always be one of Mayas favorite women.

When your father is not around much, a person needs another father figure to look up to. In Mayas case she had Daddy Clidell. He was her step-father as well as a large influence to her. He was not that intelligent, but made up for that with his kindness. Maya looked up to him because he was very light-hearted, and very generous. He would always play blackjack with his friends, and Maya found that as intreaging. She looked up to him as well as he looked up to her. They were like a real father and daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were friends of the family, and old love birds. Their love for eachother was indeed strong, as well as influencial to Maya. She looked up to them, and wanted so much to be like them when she grew up. She wanted to have a man, and to be madly in love with him. She would always bring herself down by saying that she wasn't pretty, and she was fat. She never thought that she would get married, or ever have a boyfriend. Mrs. Taylor would talk to her and influence her to be happy, and uplifted about things. Those type of things always made her feel better about herself. She helf her head high from that day fourth.

They say a girls mother is the most important person in her life. Well they are right, because Vivion Baxter is Mayas mother, and she loves her so much. Although they didn't spend a lot of time together when she was young, they were together during the most important part of her life. Her mom was a very big influence in many ways. Her mother taught her how to be respectful, and how to be a well mannered lady. Mayas mother also had influenced her to reach for the skies, and to never stop for anything.

Maya will do that, and be a very powerful woman in the future.