Media Persuasion, Politics and Propaganda. In the war of politics persuasive efforts have changed our way of thinking and the propaganda

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Media Persuasion, Politics and Propaganda

Anita Thomas


Persuading someone to change his or hers mind to benefit another individual or business need can affect not only one person's world, but several others as well. This can be beneficial if the act of persuasion is of good intention. In the war of politics persuasive efforts have changed our way of thinking and the propagandas become the norm. These effects have been known to destroy the projected outcome and the individuals involved. This act of persuasion in politics has been used for centuries and it seems that it will continue that way for centuries to come. Recreating the way someone thinks and feel about issues that plague the back of their mind.

Persuasion, Politics and Propaganda

Politics and political issues go hand in hand; it seems as if they are stitched together forming one unit within itself.

There are numerous ways of retrieving information about political issues such as newspapers, magazines, television, and the internet. They help us to learn and understand the concerns that a nation faces worldwide. When faced with issues that cause alarm to oneself or a group of people, an individual has the right to speak up and voice his or her opinion. Not every person will agree on one individual's way to combat the area under discussion, they still have the right to voice their own belief and attempt to sway the individual in favor of their view.


The art of persuasion

Persuasion is defined as changing the behavior or attitude of an individual (Sparks, 2006). These changes in behavior can occur over a length of time or just days depending on how the persuasion is executed. Having an individual debate a group of people or...