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Media Studies - Magazine Article Draft by Niamh Sygrove

Currently gracing the cover of the latest issue of Curve magazine, Laura Sygrove is the hottest property in music right now as the world awaits her 'InsomniaticPart 3' album.

At the age of just eighteen, Laura Sygrove has a discography to kill for, her Interscope record label and co-worker Julian Murray rustling up a full English every morning. And that's not to mention the perfume collections and clothing lines. In her own words; "I'm not a businesswoman, I'm a business, woman."

How are you?

I'm good. Pretty good.

Are you enjoying London?

London's fantastic. It was beautiful last night. I didn't go anywhere - I was just standing outside... I was gonna run through Hyde Park at three in the morning. But the big guy was scared (points to slab of muscle body guard). He used the word like creepy... It was too creepy! Which is true, but when I want to run I want to run.

He was scared to go for a jog at three o'clock in the morning (laughs).

So 'Insomniatic'; how long have you been recording it for?

Forever. My whole life. I must have honestly started the process three or four times. But it actually started out in the UK whenI was playing Manchester. Julian Murraycame along to my show and brought me a CD full of beatsthat she no longer used for herself as demosand they were all sequenced. So he's like, "This is the album!", andI was, "Woah - slow down". Julianthought it was done and ready. But that was pretty much the foundation for what would become 'Insomniatic Part 3'.

Did you always know itwas going to be 'Insomniatic Part 3'?

Yeah. I knew from day one.

And did you always intend to...