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Medical ethics, the implementation of ethics towards medicine is a necessary tool for enumerating the various ethical and moral propositions and clarifying their positions. '... Medical ethics is simply ethics applied to a particular area of our lives... medicine... '(Clouser pp 384). Medical ethics has two roles, one is that of sensitizing. '... It is a consciousness-raising enterprise, alerting us from grossest injustice to subtlest nuance..'(Clouser pp 385) The other of which is structuring of the medical issues. '... This is the second item I would isolate in describint what medical ethics is up to. I call this structuring the issues. The morally relevant strands of a complex situation are based out.'(Clouser pp 385) The advice of the expert, the medical doctor, and the ethicists have a synergistic effect on the moral agent; they allow the agent to make a desision.that is informed and ethical. The medical ethicists has the foundations established by Emanuel Kant, A.J.

Ayres, and Socrates to allow him to delineate the many facets of a situation in terms of the Twins philophicalal traditions. The two traditions beget points of view which are ethical and easy to comprehend. '... A medical ethicist cannot be appealing to speacial theories and remote lines of reasonning and simply delivering his conclusions to us, which we must accept because he is the expert.. Rationale people must be able to see, follow, and judge the points made.'(Clouser pp 386). The medical ethicists must frame all issues terms of the twin philosphical traditions.

The twins philosphical traditions, absolute truth and situational ethics, applies not only to medical ethics but infiltrates every strata of our existance, from politics to education. Absolute truth is the notion of fixed immutable principles that exists outside the human condition, unchanging with geography and causality. Situational ethics,