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Some people would like to call "The Dark Ages" something of an exciting or epic time, but for most commoners life was just normal. "Daily life in the Middle Ages is sometimes hard to fathom"

(Medieval-Life). Movie makers and writers have centered their work on courageous knights fighting for their loved ones, the love between two social classes, and discoveries of ancient artifacts made. But, what they haven't focused on is mostly the real truth. Yes, those things occasionally occurred, but life in the Medieval Times was routine, for most people.

Most of the time for the commoners was spent working on the land, since food was important and famines were plenty. "The reason they didn't leave was because there was no where else to go."

(Mrs. Sunda) People in these times spent hours of their day trying to grow food, so they could survive each year. The churches put together feasts for both peasants and royalty to mark the day when harvesting grain and scattering seed began.

This was also a day when people could rest from all of their hard work and labor.

A major difference in their time that is not like ours is the social events that took place. Imagine a time when every person in each town got together to celebrate a holiday or an event, and ones who did not attend would get shunned for it. These social events were basically fairs, where people could socialize and have a good time. These fairs would have acrobats performing on the street, games of chance and gambling occurring in the local tavern, merchants selling all of their goods, and tournaments where knights from all around the world came to joust their way to victory!

The Dark Ages believed more in superstition then they did in...