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Alejandro Mota Period.5 It was Friday afternoon; I was walking through my house happy because I was going to go to a party whit my friends Francisco and paco. Roxanne a girl from our school has invited us to her birthday party so we decided to go. Francisco and paco were my best friends since we were in middle school. Paco and Francisco were older than me, Paco was 17 years old, Francisco was 16 years old and I was 15 years old. Paco lived 3 blocks away from my house, and Francisco lived 1 block away from my house. So we decided to meet at paco's house at 6 30 pm, because paco has a car, it was a 92 civic Honda that his father had bought to him when he was 15 years old. Paco call me 6 and he told me that he saw Roxanne and Francisco doing drugs, but I didn't believe him because I thought that saying that because he doesn't wanted to go whit us, and I toll hit to stop ling about something bad and he said " I'm not lying, I saw them for reels is true, Alex you know me, you know that I don't lie whit this stuffs".

Of course I didn't believe him. At 6 30 we went to his house, I didn't tell Francisco about what paco told me about him, because I knew they were going to fight. So on we went to paco's house he was out side waiting for us, so we got in into his car, and we went to the party. Roxanne was out side of her house waiting for us, and she said, "Hey guys I was waiting for you " so we got in her house, it was a big...