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All businessmen have dreams of succeeding in their business endeavors. Therefore, they always do their best to outwit keen competition by trying to make marketable things. However, despite their wishes, not all businessmen can achieve success in their enterprise. In spite of their failure, most of them try over and over. Ray Kroc, the owner of McDonald, and Walt Disney are good examples of businessmen who people of all races and ages admire. These are (remove also) men who had endured hardships and ended up becoming very successful businessmen. When Walt Disney and McDonald are spoken, faces of children and adults alike light up with looks of sheer joy. They are definitely America's most famous businessmen who I really admire for their accomplishments.

In his essay he (who is he?) said, "And their success led many others to aim marketing efforts at kids, turning America's youngest consumers into a demographic group that is now avidly studied, analyzed, and targeted by the world's largest corporations."

Their marketing, one of there main functions - operational, financial, and marketing - of any business, is not only the most remarkable thing of their achievements, but also the main reason why I admire them. Whenever we think about McDonald and Disney, the first things that flash into our mind are Ronald McDonald and Mickey Mouse, which function to recruit children as customers. This implies that they, very early on, had the notion that they should target children with their marketing. Actually, when a child enters McDonald and Disneyland, he or she usually brings one or two adults with them, and that is a very simple way of increasing the average check size. However, I personally believe that their marketing toward children is insidious (remove comma) because they (they?) are not able to rationally determine.