Mercutio's Characteristics

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Romeo and Juliet( one of Shakespeare's best play ) is about two people, from rivaling families, fall in love and (finding that they can not keep their love from their parents) take their lives. But there is more then one character within the play, one of which is Mercutio.

Even though he does not like the Capulets , he is still a good friend. Though Mercutio can make jokes at the worst of times, he is also a brave and loyal friend.

Mercutio is the joker within the play. For example: when Tybalt asks if he consorts with Romeo, Mercutio if picks up a stick and calls it a fiddle stick, then he says (waving the stick like a maestro would) "..... here's that will make you dance. Zounds Consort." Mercutio also shows that he is a joker(when he is dying) by making a joke. One can see how Mercutio can be a joker, even at the worst of times.

Mercutio can also be a brave man at many times. One scene he shows this is when he take the challenge of fighting Tybalt away from Romeo, so that Romeo would not have to fight, even though Mercutio knows that he could die while he was fighting Tybalt. Another scene is where Mercutio and some friends go to the Capulets party because they were Motaques. Mercutio is not worried about getting caught because the party is a costume party, and he and his friends were wearing masks. As the reader can tell Mercutio is a brave character within the play.

Mercutio also remains to be a loyal friend towards Romeo. Mercutio shows this by persuading Romeo to go to the Capulets party so that Romeo can find someone else and gets his mind off of Rosaline. Another...