Messing with Nature - Is our food supply safe? Essay response To a article I read in my Biology class: The Teacher wanted our opinion on genetically modified food.

Essay by hibanks24 January 2003

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Messing with Nature

Is our food supply safe? By genetically modifying our food sources will we have problems in the future? Enough time has not passed to answer this question; we could be unleashing untold consequences that we are yet to suffer. Ecovandals, people who fear GM (genetically modified) plants and foods destroyed them in an attempt to stop their spread. These people fear that these GM plants may cause problems that we won't be able to deal with. We may be opening a Pandora's Box, releasing genetic demons that will be beyond our control.

There is a soil bacterium - Bacillus thumnginsis (Bt) that has been added to plants, which produces a bacterial protein that kills certain insect pests. What if these insects become resistance to Bt modified crops, will we be unwitting unleashing a slew of super-insects that may do more damage to our food supply than ever before? Imagine a swarm of super locusts that are impervious to our current pesticides that continue to ravage crop after crop, with farmers only able to watch their livelihood go to the bugs.

What would then happen to food prices? They would soar to high levels, only the rich would be able to pay. There would be food shortages, perhaps riots might break out; the consequences could be severe.

What if this Bacillus thumnginsis, were to interact with the bacteria in our stomachs after we consumed it. The scientists say the chances are rare, but what if a cross occurred? What kind of GM bacteria would we then have in our digestive system? What if this new bacteria would not allow us to digest food properly, or allow only certain nutrients to be absorbed by the body, or created a toxic affect, killing untold numbers of people ? The side...