The Methods of Execution used in the United States of America

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The Methods of Execution used in the United States of America

Why read?

*Firstly you will learn about the different types of executions that take place, when someone is sentenced to the death penalty.

*You yourselves will be able to judge whether these types of execution are a so called Humane and Painless way to die.

*Although very doubtful, you may well find yourself in the position where this is happening to you!

Things to be covered.

*The different types of execution that take place.

*I will give a detailed description of the procedures that take place when the person is about to die.

*The effects these methods of execution have on the person.

*I will also describe how some of these methods can go terribly wrong and the consequences when they do go wrong.

*Some of the crimes that actually deserve the death penalty.


*The object is to enhance your knowledge of what is actually happening in the United States of today.

*Also so you will actually think twice, before committing a crime that will involve the taking of your own life.


The first method I will be covering and in my opinion is the best and most humane way is the Lethal Injection. The lethal injection isn't as many people think one injection that kills you out right. It is made up of three different injections of three different chemicals.

The 1st injection puts you to sleep and is a substance called Sodium Pentothal. (This is similar to the procedure that is used when a person is having an operation)

Then there is a 30 second interval. (To give time for it to take effect)

The 2nd injection Stops your lungs and is a called Pancuronium Bromide.

Then there is a 60 second interval. (For...