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From the perspective of indigenous women we often wonder where and why is racism originated. Including that we also ask ourselves, why are there several forms of discrimination and oppression against indigenous women? Is it because of their race and color, or is it because they have a native accent? One can probably argue many reasons of why they are relentlessly distinguished. Regardless of many motives and explanations, Native women and men are considered a target of negative impact in nowadays society because of their clothing, names, economic class, color, ethnic and cultural background since they are racially inferior.


They say the name `Aztec 'comes from a mythical place, possibly located north of what today is Mexico called Aztlán, later called themselves Mexica (Meyer, 54). They established ideologies and adopted other intellectual influences from other ethnic group to build a powerful empire which took 200 years to engineer the empire (Engineering an Empire). The Aztec-Mexica was forced to occupy the swampy area of the lake. They were surrounded by powerful enemies who demanded tribute, and the only dry land were occupied by the islands of Lake Texcoco, surrounded by marshes. Netzahualcoyotl was the original leader of Texcoco, and cut out the King's heart then sprinkled his blood over Lake Texcoco (Engineering an Empire). By increasing rapidly in population, the Aztecs established superior military and civilian organizations. In 1325 they founded the city of Tenochtitlan, a city that was surrounded by lakes with a population of 500,000-1,000,000 people. Roads and bridges were made to connect the city with the mainland, aqueducts were built and canals were dug throughout the city to transport goods and people. Religious buildings, gigantic stepped pyramids were built with an astonishing perfection that engineers at the present time can't figure...