Mexico / A essay written on why America was wrong in declaring war on Mexico

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Mexico: The Facts

Mexico was force to defend their way of life as The United States of America invaded lands claimed by Mexico. Mexican Citizens' ways of life was dependent on this land. As Mexico stood up for right, they were slaughtered by a greedy power hungry nation, in pursuit of world domination.

The United States of America was wrong in attacking and invading Mexico. The soul responsibility of any nation is to protect its citizens. So as Mexico defended its citizens from the harsh and blood thirsty beasts that crudely invaded. The ranching and farming industries took a big hit as white settlers claimed land that was not theirs.

Mexico can not be blamed for this war. The attack that many patriots were so fond of using as justification for the war was simply an attempt by Mexico to defend land that belonged to Mexico. Of course, Mexico could have responded in a more peaceful manner to the idea of Texas annexation. And Mexico could have responded better to American desires to purchase California and other areas of the Southwest, but when push comes to shove you better stand up.

The war was caused by the heinous acts of slave trade. The south wanted to expand their slave trading ways by adding states that were not even theirs. This sole single act of greed is enough to convict America of their wrong doing.

A waiting game was in thick anxiety as Mexico struggled to keep their lands. As an attempt to keep their lands Mexico was forced to go to war with a warring nation.

The concept of "Manifest Dynasty" caused thousands of deaths because of American greed and lack of understanding. This westward movement caused increased tensions between the two countries. This sad and uncouth concept...