Micaela Serra

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As an internationally known expert in fault-tolerant testing for computer chips, Michaela Serra is making a great impact in today's technological field as we know it. Originally from Italy, Serra studied at the University of Manitoba, where she earned her Bachlor of Science in computer science, and at the University of Victoria, where she attained her Masters of Science and her Ph. D in computer science. In her transition from student in 1987, Serra became the first female faculty member in the University of Victoria's computer science department.

Serra's main interests revolve around the field of digital circuit testing, reliability and design for testability. Although, since 1994, Serra and her graduate students have been working on a relatively new specialization in computer science which deals with hardware-software co-design. This research involves the merging of software and hardware, and consequently emanates cheaper, more feasible and faster configurations.

As well as an educator determined to take her students beyond the basic knowledge of computer science, Serra avidly takes it upon herself to bringing fresh female legs to the field. For her efforts she was awarded this year's Victoria YM-YWCA Women of Distinction award in the science, technology and environment category.

Micaela Serra has no doubt made a significant impact in the field of computer science, and will continue to do so as she participates in a six month study at the TUW, Embedded Computing Systems Group.