Of mice and men John Steinbeck

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Of mice and men - The Essay

So, John Malkovich plays Lennie, one of the main characters, who is very different from the other characters. The setting of this story is a Californian farm, in 1930´s. On this farm is a very hard life, everybody is terrorized by the boss ´s son Curley. When Lennie and George come to this farm, every thing changes. They are both nice to every single person, which works on the farm, except to Curley and his wife. One of this characters is very difficult to give a form to. It is Lennie. But there is one person, who did it, John Malkovich. So in my opinion, John Malkovich portrays the character of Lennie very well.

The bodily movement and acting of John Malkovich in the film is the same as I thought that Lennie´s is. It also depends on the director, how the actors act and Gary Sinise is a good director.

Now about some specific details of his movement. Lennie is afraid of the others and he also looks like he is modest, his movement is modest - he always holds his arms by his chest. This also tells about him that he is afraid, he does not want anybody to hurt him. And I like on John Malkovich that he understands the character and he does the same as Lennie. Every time when he appears on the screen, he has a stupid look in his face, because he does not understand many things, which are told to him. Sometimes he does not understand the particular situation, for example the scene in the film, where George tells the boss that Lennie is his cousin. And Lennie does not understand that George does not want to tell him that Lennie is a stupid man...