"Of Mice And Men" - by John Steinbeck: Court case - prosecution

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Looking at the gaps and silences in the novel written by john Steinbeck, we realise that George was responsible for Lennie's Death. This court case occurs after the end of the book, as a possibility of what George's outcome would have been. I took the side of the prosecution.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, in opening, I told you that we would prove that Mr. George Milton is guilty for the murder of Mr. Lennie Small. We have verified this - from disproving the credibility of Mr. Milton's testimony, by Candy Stone and Slim Burring's statements and by understanding the horrific way in which Mr. Milton constructed and executed the murder of Mr. Small.

Jurors, when Mr. Toldson made his opening statement, he promised to prove to you three things. Just four hours ago, he told you that he would prove (1) that Mr. Milton was not entirely responsible for the murder of Mr. Small.; (2) that Mr. Milton was only acting in the best interest Lennie; and (3) that Lennie was simply a danger to society. As you have witnessed today, Mr. Toldson has not kept his word to you. Not only have these points been discredited, but disproved beyond reasonable doubt. Through both statements given to you today by hardworking labourers, it is evident that George wanted Lennie dead. It couldn't have been anymore obvious when Slim Burring friend to George, confessed to George saying, I quote "[Got him] Right in the back of the head...I just done it"

Did Mr. Milton have the right to kill Lennie? Of course he did not! Nobody under the constitution of the United States of America has that right. Lennie may have taken a life himself, but that does not, nor will it ever condone the actions...