"Of Mice and Men" A review of the novel and information about the author, Steinbeck

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OF MICE AND MEN by John Steinbeck first takes place a few miles south of

Soledad. There were two men by the names of George and Lennie who became life

long partners. George thought Lennie needed support because Lennie was mentally

retarded. Later, George and Lennie moved to a ranch nearby Soledad.

George and Lennie got into trouble a few miles south of Soledad in a town

called Weed. The men were hiding out along a river called Salinas, across from the

Gabililan mountains. Trouble occurred in Weed when Lennie grabbed a hold of a

ladies dress, because he was curious about the texture of the fabric. The woman

took it the wrong way and became upset and frightened. Curdling screams caused

some men to come rushing to the aid of the woman.

Lennie then became frightened and ran away. George was such a supportive

and understanding friend that he ran away with him.

Running together, the two

frightened men hid out in the Salinas River waiting for dusk to come. When dusk

arrived, the two men gathered wood and built a fire. Luckily, George had three

cans of pork and beans with him in his backpack. They stayed there until morning

to start walking again.

George told Lennie that he heard of a ranch that was four miles ahead of

them and they could get a job there. George told Lennie that if he would get into

trouble at the ranch, that he should come back and hide in the bush. Sunrise had

came and the two men began their walk to the ranch. When George and Lennie

arrived, they saw a huge long rectangular building where the bunks were inside, the

walls were white and the floor was wood. The old swamper showed Lennie and

George to their...