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The Murder trial of Michael Griffin, the admitted shooter of an abortionist in Florida, is beginning; a media circus is sure to follow.

Amid the usual pejoratives, i.e., "Christian Fundamentalist," we will be told that Griffin was delusional, due to pictures of dead fetuses and other "anti-abortion propaganda."

There is a question, however, that thinking people, regardless of their position on abortion, should ask themselves. Is there something about the current political and moral atmosphere of our society that would induce an unstable, but otherwise peaceful citizen, husband, and father, especially one who claimed to be committed to LIFE, to take the life of another human being?

Consider the following observations:

No 1: The Judiciary, beginning with Roe v. Wade in 1973 and continuing to the present, strikes down most statutes proscribing abortion in any way, thus rendering futile, almost all democratic political action designed to protect pre born children.

No 2: Culminating in the recent, absurd application of the RICO Statutes to pro life groups, the harsh sentences and police brutality suffered by those engaged in peaceful protest and civil disobedience has made this historically acceptable avenue of social change extremely risky.

No 3: The portrayal by the mainstream media of those who oppose abortion is so overwhelmingly negative and often outright untrue, (Remember the "borking" of Bork and Thomas), that the emotional and financial costs to self, family, and business are unacceptable for all but the most committed activist.

No 4: Among the segments of society that oppose the killing of pre born children, and especially within the Christian Community, most of those in positions of influence and leadership have shown themselves weak and cowardly. Many pay lip service, but few are willing to risk the loss of position, power, or income that is sure to follow committed opposition to the killing of pre born children.

Michael Griffin may be delusional, but delusion is often born of frustration, and frustration is an inevitable by product of an increasingly Tyrannical Society that is devoid of Truth, lacking in Moral Leadership and impervious to Democratic Change.

As for pictures of mutilated babies, the victims of abortion, that's not delusion, that's reality!