Micheal in Trouble Again?

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Do you believe him? Did he or did he do it? Jackson is guilty, Micheal is not guilty. Press say both, the fans of Micheal Jackson believe that he did not do it because of his great produced music.

Although those who really don't like his music say he did it, false; rather people like his music or not, it's the opinion or yourself and only yourself.

Since the incident Micheal has lost lots of his fans, but still makes millions. Fans have thought over the incidents that have happened and seen the clues. First, he held a young infant over the balcony of a rented hotel/motel, second Micheal had a child around 13 or 14 get on the news as "unknown" who stated, "I was molested by Micheal Jackson." Micheal responded to the story as, "Lie, I could not molest a young child". "I love young children to much to hurt them".

Then third, the accident where the rumor about M.J. was started where little kids would ask to sleep in his bed with him. Micheal says, "I would let the children sleep with me, sometimes".

News papers across the nation responded to that as a "Gateway" to molestation.

Micheal lying to America is not very occasional, it happens quite often. For example he says he has a skin disorder called that has symptoms such as giving white "patches" all over your body. After Micheal told his viewers this, his doctor told America that he comes once every so many moths to get his skin "bleached".

Now at Micheals ranch the visiting from the kids hasn't slimmed down at all, the ranch is where Micheal still stays at. As Micheal goes through so many court cases he has to be everywhere at once. Without a doubt Micheal did it...