Migrant Mother

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Some people can look at this photograph and pick a time in their lives and relate to the women in this picture. You might be able to feel the feelings that you think she's feeling. I look at this picture and see nothing. It took me awhile to finally get the feeling I think this picture is about.

I think this picture means that loneliness that everyone has deep down inside them. That feeling of being lost. Not knowing what do to next or what's around the corner. The women's a tattered clothes show she's a hard worker. She constantly works for no reward in the end. Her face is aged. The expression on her face of that worried state. Wondering how she might provide for her children. She has no one else but her children. They are what keep her going.

But I think she shows hope.

Everything in the photograph is pretty much the same color and design. Every shadow and texture blends together. Except the plaid in her shirt. That is the only thing that stands out. Although there might be only a little of it showing, I think it stands for hope in the future.

Everyone at least once in there lives feel that one point where nothing seems right. As if they work all day, but for what? Nothing. As if your paychecks just disappear. How are you going to provide for your family? That feeling of loneliness. Like you've hit the very bottom.

No one is there to help you. Once you hit rock bottom there's no where else to go but up. So like in the picture there is always hope. Not everyone in America is poor and sleeping in the streets. So there is always some form of help.

So in conclusion I feel this picture shows the loneliness of working for no reward. The wariness people feel of how they are going to provide for there families. But in the end there is hope and dreams to rise above too.