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What philosophers call the mind body problem originated with Descartes. In Descartes' philosophy the mind is essentially a thinking thing, while the body is essentially an extended thing. The mind body theory by Rene Descartes has been argued by many philosophers through this century. The body affects the mind in perception, and the mind affects the body in action. He is generally known as being the founder of modern philosophy.

From this point Descartes goes on to construct arguments about the certain existence of the world, the truth of reason and logic and so on. More importantly, however, he also goes on to argue that his mind and body are two different substances. His argument for this is that it was possible for him to doubt the existence of his body, without doubting his own existence as a thinking being. Therefore his existence as a thinking being must be separate from his bodily existence.

(3) He must be a mind distinct from a body.

He depicted in is own way the true relation between the mind and the body of any human being. Descartes' view is there can be no substantial connection between the two he felt that the mind and body are to separate beings. It is a very famous argument which has it share of valid beliefs behind it. Although it also has its faults in which other philosophers state their counter arguments. This theory has stood firm and has yet to be refuted.

Rene Descartes the great Greek philosopher made statement of the mind body theory in his sixth meditation on The Nature of the Human Mind: it is better known than the Body. In this meditation he states that the mind and the body are separate entities. Take the Cogito, "I think, therefore I...