Minorities hurt first in the tensioned society

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When the society is instable, tragic events are likely to happen. If we look at history, in many cases, rebellion, war, and other big events happens when society is instable and people wavers. Both Bacons' rebellion and Salem Witchcraft Trial shows that in the society where is instable and much tensions exist, tragic events are likely to happen and socially weaker groups are first to be targeted, even though they have no or small reason to be damaged.

Susquehannocks (Native Indian group) were not the group which was to be attacked by frontiersmen in the first place of Bacons' rebellion. At that time, rather, the governor Sir William Berkeley had to be attacked if the frontiersmen had some reason to attack. In 1646, Indians were granted huge land over the land of Virginians by Indian policy of Sir William Berkeley. Except for some merchants who traded with Indians, many newly-settled Whites and ex-indentured servants were dissatisfied with this policy.

Also, the excerpt below by Robert Beverley explains the other causes which led to Bacon's rebellion:

Four things may be reckoned to have been the main ingredients towards this intestine commotion, viz., First, The extreme low price of tobacco, and the ill usage of the planters in the exchange of goods for it, which the country, with all their earnest endeavors, could not remedy. Secondly, The splitting the colony into proprieties, contrary to the original charters; and the extravagant taxes they were forced to undergo, to relieve themselves from those grants. Thirdly, the heavy restraints and burdens laid upon their trade by act of Parliament in England. ...

The instability was resulted in attacking Indians, who had less population and weaker military forces by Bacon and his followers. This at last made Indians lost their power, and reduced the population...