Miranda vs. Arizona

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There is no doubt that Miranda vs. Arizona is one of the most controversial cases in the US Supreme Court history. People today still debate over the decision that was made nearly 40 years ago. In most Supreme Court cases, there are events leading up to the case. This is true for Miranda vs. Arizona as well. The case itself was very long and complicated. The outcome of the case continues to have an impact today, every time someone gets arrested.

There were many factors that led up to Miranda vs. Arizona. Ernesto Miranda was a very poor 23-year-old immigrant from Mexico. He had a very long criminal background consisting of assault, burglary, and attempted rape. Miranda had served 3 years in jail previously for the attempted rape charges. He also had a juvenile background of assault and burglary. After his mother died, most of his childhood consisted of moving around from children's homes and getting into more trouble.

As an adult, being a 9th grade dropout caused him to deal with minimum wage jobs and poor households.

In the late hours of March 3, 1963, in Phoenix, Arizona, a mildly retarded 18-year old girl got off of the bus from work and started to walk home. That night, the girl was about to pass a man as he grabbed her, dragged her into his car, and drove away to the desert. Once they got to the desert, the man raped the 18-year old and then took the 8 dollars she had in her purse.

The young girl now had to face all of the questioning from the police. She told him her attacker was in his late 20's, a little less than 6 feet tall, about 175 lbs, Mexican, skinny, had a mustache and short black curly hair.