The (Mis) Education

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The (Mis) Education

Our musical taste buds have become overwhelmed by a growing variety of genres that have been engineered to grab our attention the performers' flashy, skimpy outfits or the latest verbal digression. Many argue that these new styles of music have deprived the students of efficient learning, distracting them from the goals in their lives and contributing to their loss of any and all initiative to succeed. Adolescents often lament over adults' seemingly blatant refusal to try to understand the culture that has been created from the musical genres of rap and hip hop. The most common discrepancy between adults and children is the adults' tendency to automatically associate the vulgar rhymes of rap with every underground voice who attempts to break the surface as a hip hop artist.

Younger generations are the most likely to be attracted to this type of music, and the overwhelming disdain for their musical preferences can be stifling.

They are stereotyped as rebellious, ruthless 'thugs' merely because of their taste in music or choice to wear the clothing brands touted as 'cool' by hip hop artists. These kids find the hip hop experience "empowering, uplifting, and refreshing", a break from their everyday lives. Most of these children do not feel that their music has a negative impact on them. The see it as a trend, a pastime, and even sport clothing fashioned to mimic that of their favorite hip hop artists. To them hip hop is making a statement that defines their generation. They fail to understand why their parents and other adults do not share their enthusiasm. As Powell of Jamilah's essay is quoted as saying, "You have to meet the students where they are. That's the nature of education. That's pedagogy." (Jamilah 321)

The older generations have witnessed...