Miss Caroline's diary

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Miss Caroline's Diary

Today was my first day as a teacher at Maycombe School. It was a very eventful day. I was very nervous,, walking into the classroom to see the eyes of all my pupils gazing upon me. I felt like a lion in a zoo, with everyone staring at me. Anyway I started off by reading a lovely story about cats that wore clothes and who lived in warm houses. Oh my, I thought it was a lovely story for these first graders, yet none of them looked too excited. After that, I went a printed the alphabet in large capitals on the blackboard. I wasn't surprised lots of them knew what they were, as most of them had failed the first grade last year. I chose Jean Louise Finch to read out the first line, only because she was the only girl whose name I knew. I was shocked to find that she was literate.

Of course I asked her how she knew how to read, but all she said was that her father didn't teach her anything. I then responded saying she wasn't born reading the mobile register, and then she replied saying her brother Jem said she was, and that she was a Bullfinch instead of a Finch and that she got swapped when she was born. At this point I knew she was lying and getting carried away with her imagination, and I told her to make sure her father didn't teach her how to read anymore, as it would interfere with my teaching methods.

Later that day- at about lunchtime, I was asking everyone if they were going to have lunch here at school, or in town. This kid, Walter Cunningham I think it was, didn't have any lunch, neither did have any...