Miss Jane Pitman

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"That's man's way. To prove something. Day in, day out he must prove he is a man. Poor Fool." In this book The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman by Ernest J. Gaines ones can learn many different events that has happened from the Civil War in the United States through the raising of black aggressiveness. Gaines has created a legendary woman out of Miss Jane Pittman. Jane Pittman has seen people through all phases as they start to stop the oppression of hundred of years and take some respect in themselves.

In the book it tells the different stages of Miss Jane Pittman's life. When Jane was a child and freedom was announced she decided she would then leave. Then as Jane gets older she finds a man, John Pittman. Throughout her stages At the end of the book it tells how she was a remarkable woman who lived to be around 108-110 years old.

One can go through a great adventure learning about this woman's life story.

This was a wonderful book. This book helps one know more about what the black people lived like after the Civil War in the United States. It is a great story telling about the day to day living of people back then. This book tells about ordinary people following what they believe in. This was just a great piece of history.

I love reading about a great woman who has made some type of impact on ones life. Jane Pittman goes through hard times and ends up losing everyone who meant something in her life. Jane does whatever she has to do to survive. Jane remains a spirited old woman from beginning to end. How much more powerful of a woman would you want to be? If I could be a woman and make and impact on history like Jane I would feel as if I had accomplished something so great.

This story of a woman, 110 years, is amazing. How could a woman survive the Civil Rights movement and the Ku Klux Klan. Even though nothing had changed for the blacks over the years even though they were free. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the Civil Rights act or just read about a woman's hardships. I do not think I could have read an adventurous book about an old woman.