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Every human being makes mistakes; it's part of our nature to do so. Making mistakes is a good thing; they help us grow as human beings because we can often learn from them. We learn not only from our mistakes, but also from other people's. We learn valuable lessons from our own mistakes, but also we learn valuable lessons from other people's mistakes.

Learning from our own mistakes is something we often do; we do it naturally. Sometimes we don't quite figure out what we had to learn from our mistakes and we keep on making them, until we learn our lesson; it is then when we stop. I learned an extremely important lesson from a mistake that I made. At one point in my life I went through a difficult stage. I was sad, I felt unloved and angry; there came a time in which I didn't want to live anymore in this life, and this world was meaningless to me.

Therefore, I tried to kill my self. The first time I didn't learn my lesson, so I kept on doing it until one time I almost really died and my dad was very sad. This is when I asked myself: Why haven't I died? Why I'm I still here? And I realized that my life wasn't meaningless, that this world wasn't meaningless and that I was very much loved. My dad loved me and God loved me. My dad loved me so that he was with me all through this process; he put his life on hold to help me pick up mine. God loved me so that he kept me alive and gave me one chance after another until I realized that my life was beautiful, that my life had a meaning to it. The lesson...