MMR Vaccine or Poison.

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MMR Jab - Vaccine or Poison


"I have no doubt that the best thing you can do for your child is to give him or her the MMR vaccine. This is the safest way for you to protect your children against the dangers of measles, mumps and rubella." quotes Dr H Campbell, Chief Medical Offer - Northern Ireland (2002).

On the other hand, Dr Andrew Wakefield (1998) -(a strong opposer to the MMR) - suggests that there is a link between MMR and autism.

The individual parent decides, if their child, receives the MMR vaccine or not! The Public Health Authorities advise parents to give children the vaccine, based on existing evidence, and yet, there are some doubts?

Proof in the Pudding!

"A 13-year old boy, brain damaged after the controversial MMR jab, still has remains of the vaccine in the injured areas of his brain". Sunday Express, 6th October 2002, an exclusive article by Lucy Johnston, Health Editor.

The child appeared to be developing normally until 15 months of age, then he was given the MMR jab. Only days after receiving the vaccine a rash broke out, his development stopped, he began to have violent seizures, which became more frequent - sometimes every few minutes. At nine years old, he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Southampton General Hospital. Doctors, twice tried to break the cycle of convulsions with an anesthetic, each time he was brought round,the fits started again.

He was then transferred to London Great Ormond Street for brain surgery. Samples of his brain tissue where analysed, the results showed traces of the Measles virus "consistent" with the vaccine rather than the "wild" strain. Tissue also from the same boys intestine showed the vaccine.

The boy's case formed a central plank, of forthcoming legal...