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The MMR debate: A review of the Primary Evidence.

bstractConsiderable concern has been generated as a result of the publication of a paper in 1998 by Andrew Wakefield and colleagues, who postulated an association between autism and childhood immunisa ... the recent years there has been an increased plea for the availability of single vaccinations. Dr. Andrew Wakefield first raised this issue publicly in a 1998 press interview. The suggestion came fro ...

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MMR Vaccine or Poison.

rubella." quotes Dr H Campbell, Chief Medical Offer - Northern Ireland (2002).On the other hand, Dr Andrew Wakefield (1998) -(a strong opposer to the MMR) - suggests that there is a link between MMR a ... Robert Sawyer, Chief Executive of the Charity Visceral, which funds the research by MMR opponent Dr Andrew Wakefield said "The world must pay immediate attention to this evidence, especially when the ...

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Term paper; Everything about Autism, with sources on the last page

he fact that at the age children get the shot is the same time that language starts to develop. Dr. Andrew Wakefield is the only scientist that has found anything that would point in the direction of ...

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Those Who Wait

as when my sister and I were staying after school for one thing or another. Ah, time to stop again. Wakefield.____Any Raleigh/Wakefield residents, or just about any kid in northern North Carolina, wil ... ch from Sanderson High. The two high schools were both undergoing construction in the year of 1999. Wakefield was finished before the 1999-2000 school year began, so the kids at Sanderson were transfe ...

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Should there be a MMR vaccine

ometimes be a lot more serious: it could cause symptoms of the disease, have other side-effects (Dr Andrew Wakefield - MMR causes autism?) and permanent damage could be caused).EvidenceThere has been ... ted, and what risk they will be facing their children against.In 1998, a study was published, by Dr Andrew Wakefield, suggesting that there was a link between the MMR vaccine and autism Wakefield cond ...

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Vaccines & AutismControversial issue of relationships between autism and MMR vaccines.

osal in vaccines. (Miller, July 2009).So why the MMR scare? In 1998 a British doctor by the name of Andrew Wakefield performed biopsies on 12 children with intestinal symptoms and disorders, and found ...

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Do we need vaccinations?

he CDC recommend that children receive the MMR vaccine.Wikipedia labels this as a "health scare" as Andrew Wakefield published a theory of his in the Lancet and was a discovery discounted as false. Th ...

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How the Media Perpetuated the Autism-Vaccine Scare

ly, this could have severe implications and pose a major risk for public health in America.In 1998, Andrew Wakefield, a British gastroenterologist, developed a specific theory on how the MMR (measles, ...

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