A modern day and occasionally comical paraphrase of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Act Act III Scene V.

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Act III Scene V

Capulet's house. Enter Romeo and Juliet on balcony.

Juliet: Why are you going? It's not day yet. Why would you leave if it isn't night yet?

Romeo: Look, honey, don't you see the sun rising in the east? The stars are fading and the sun has almost risen. I wish I could stay with you. But right now, its leave or die.

Juliet: That light you see isn't day. I'm positive. It's just something from the sun or whatever. A flashlight for your travel to Mantua. So why should you leave? Come in and stay a while.

Romeo: What? And let them kill me? Are you crazy? I want to stay very badly, but I gotta go. But I will never stop thinking of you.

Juliet: Bye! Whatever. Get lost now. Hurry, it's getting lighter.

Romeo: The lighter it gets the sadder we get. Later, Juliet!

Enter Nurse.

Nurse: Miss Juliet?

Juliet: Yeah?

Nurse: Your Mom's coming. It's almost morning, you better watch out.

Romeo: See ya! But before I go.. (touches cheek) Can you gimme some sugar?

Juliet: Um... how bout.... No?

Romeo: Well... Can't say I didn't try.

He climbs down.

Juliet: Are you gone yet? My boy, my master, my homie and my husband? E-mail me every hour! And call me, 'kay? I'll have my cell on all the time. I can't wait

until the next time we see each other.

Romeo: Later! And I won't waste a chance to e-mail you or to hear your sweet voice. TTFN, Juliet. I love you always.

Juliet: Do you think we can ever chill together again?

Romeo: Nooooo... Of course! Then one day, we will be able to laugh about this whole thing. You'll see.

Juliet: I don't feel too good about all this. I...