The Modern Dream Theory

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The Modern Dream Theory

Many psychologists have theories on dreaming and the process behind it all. Everyone dreams, even if we do not remember them when we wake. Dreams are very meaningful, powerful, and intense. Sometimes they can do a lot of good or a lot of damage to one person. There is so much that goes on with dreams that many people, including Freud and other experts, have studied all about them in their field of work. Modern research on dream theory has discovered how dreams are not normally positive but negative however there is evidence that shows dreams are positive as well.

Dreams are used to get inside one's mind and to probe around to seek through and get our personality (Green et al). Dreams can be used to interpret what one is really thinking or feeling and even if you do not recall a dream it can be reached while you are sleeping.

Dreams are one way to get inside your mind knowing that it is not a lie but something far more complicated. Dreams mean so much more than just something we desire or fear but something that can keep on reveling in our paths in life. Dreams do not tend to be a good thing but a negative one, our feelings can range from anger to fear to even sorrow (D'Amato). D'Amato and Green et al both agree that dreams are negative more than they are positive and that our feelings coming from them are negative feelings as well. However Green et al also mentions how are feelings can be good as well. Even though dreams can be our deepest desires those desires can turn into a nightmare and become ruined by our doubt and negative thoughts we feel inside. Dreams can be brought on...