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At the end of the period of the transition from Feudalism to Capitalism,Shakespeare

Had exhibited an understanding of the renaissance drama as being intertwined with the

Public.His reflection of the world in a realistic way in his works,maturity he shows in his

Character descriptions,his dramatic dialect ripe with tension,his superb handling of the

Language,his humanist background had enabled him to gain a strong,infallible position

Ä°n english and world theatres.His works have had an enormous influence on realistic

Literature and his peculiar understanding of literature stems from anthic culture and from

English perception of history.Among his works,the one which matters the most to us

Could be King Lear.It is still counted as a masterpiece.Yet,it is in the romantic period

That it has attained its highest popularity.In this work,it is quite easy to come across

Scenes which fit in well with the romantic perception of the world.

Gloomy castles,forsaken

Hollow places,and such areas which give people a certain amount of fear.The hapless

Destiny of Lear and Gloucester entices feelings of sorrow and mercy.Later on,

We across more realistic Shakesperian intepretations;in these interpretations

The scene and the plot setting presides.There is nothing left of the theatrical

Shakespeare.With the dawn of the new century,he is interpreted within his

Own period.Thereafter the winds will break not within the stage but within

Lear and Gloucester.King Lear is funny,gullible and foolish.When he is

Ä°n tantrums,he does not awaken feelings of pity and terror but rather

Mercy.So is Gloucester;he looks like a character coming straight out of

Void comedies,with an ordinary character.We can say that neither romantic

Nor naturalist theatre could catch up with Shakespeare or his period.

This a new type of theatre could achieve;and like in classic theatres we do...