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5) Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family.

My transition from childhood to adulthood was through a journey to Seoul with my family in my grade 9 summer holiday. I didn't expect that to come, but after the journey, I somehow began to understand why I am here on Earth, and began to see myself differently as someone who actually is able to shoulder more, not only in the context of my family, but of a larger stage.

The most interesting part of that travel was that it totally shuffled roles in our family. Being the only one speaks English, I was suddenly a physical and mental leader upon our arrival at Incheon International Airport. I pocketed our whole budget money; I made sure all 8 people get into our own cabs and drivers were clear about our destination, I explained menus to uncle and aunt so they wouldn't order the wrong foods, I was busy confirming that we get twin bedded rooms instead of double rooms while my parents posing and happily saying Qiezi(well, that's Chinese equivalent of cheese) for photos.

It wasn't until on our flight back did I realize that I was so occupied somewhere else that I had missed many of the family shootings. It was a pity but it also made me laugh secretly just to think that 7 adults, who used to drive me to places all over Beijing suddenly lost their sense of direction in the busy Seoul streets, their only GPS is me, 15 years old, youngest member of the group, a stack of torn printed atlas in hand, communicating with gestures, English and shabby conversational Korean learned from Korean TV Serials.

But it felt so...