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This movie takes place in 1953 at Wellesley College.The character that I relate to most is would have to be professer Katherine Watson.She is a unmarried status and has free-thinking teaching methods that seem scandalous to the students and the faculty.She seems to help everyone she meets she seems to open their eyes to see that love and happiness, like art, can look like many different things to many different people.

Mona Lisa Smile is about college students who,to professer Watson are just wasting their time until marrige. They all are very intellectual students who have alot going for them. But they all choose to ignore their potential. Katherine does not agree with these traditions nor do I.She trys to teach the students that even though getting married may be a wonderful thing it is not out of the question to continue on to work or do something you want to with your life.

She even encourages one of her students to apply to Yale Law School. She does get accepted but rejects the acceptance letter just to get married. This disappointed the professer to a great deal. For she is a very independent person and a strong woman. They say she makes up in brains what she lacks in pedigree. She wants what is best for her students and is very discouraged that her students are not metting their full potential just becasue of traditions. She had a tremendous development emotionally, and intellectually. She learns how to handle her students and be very clever. Katherine learns that no matter what the students do to her it makes her stonger. When Betty makes her sarcastic remarks Katherine has one right back for her and puts her in her place. She also learns that since they all memorized...